For events that require the PA, the venue hire covers the cost of a sound engineer and the use of the below. This venue hire fee is dependent on the needs of the event but can be expected to start from $250.


FOH: 2x Nexo PS15 (Bi-Amped), 2x LS1200 subs

Amps: 4 x Camco DX24 Amps

Monitors: 2x 15"

Desk: Soundcraft MH2 40+4 - 24 sends to stage (and outboard effects)


Amp: Music Man 112D valve

Amp: Vox AC15 valve

Bass amp head: Music Man 100B

Bass cabinet: Ashdown 4x10

Drum kit: Pearl 5 piece

DJ mixer: RANE TTM 57SL (dependent on availability)

Turntable: 2x Technics (dependent on availability)

CDJs and mixer (dependent on availability)

4x DIs

Mic stand: 8x boom stand

Microphones: Shure drum mic kit, 2x vocal mics, 2x instrument mics (and sound engineer's microphones)


Projector + screen

Hazer (additional cost at $60+GST)

Lighting person set up and operation + lights hire (additional cost P.O.A.)